Campbelltown Store Now Open!

We are excited to announce that our newest store Campbelltown is now open in Macarthur Square on Level 3. Campbelltown is our new concept store with double the display area and almost twice the size of our previous stores.

Just like all our other stores we do our repairs on the premises and usually have repairs completed in under an hour. It doesn’t matter if you water damaged your HTC, broken the LCD on your iPhone or your phone has just stopped working, we repair it all. We repair Nokia, Motorola, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, LG and many more. We also replace Apple iPod touch LCD and digitisers while you shop! Try getting professional repairs in the time it takes to do your shopping anywhere else.

So come and visit Gino and Jason and ask about our great opening specials.


Clear Single Caller Entries IOS 5 Update

Apple recently announced the IOS 5 operating system for the iPhone. It’s due around spring and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. They have announced some really nice updates that will make a worthwhile update. One thing I did notice was a feature we get asked time and time again by our customers: How do I delete one name from my recent caller list?

Well there was no option to delete one entry. It was all or nothing. As you can see from the below screen shot you now can delete single entries. I know it’s such a small feature but i’m amazed how much it gets asked!

What to do with a water damaged mobile phone

We get a lot of customers asking what to do when a mobile phone gets wet. If you follow the advise in this article, you may increase your chances of not throwing your phone in the recycling bin.

We have heard and read pretty much what people regard as ‘fixing’ a water damaged phone. In most cases a phone will continue to work after it has been wet and then dried. However in a few days to weeks the phone will gradually stop functioning due to corrosion taking hold. People also notice battery life to be poor after getting water damaged or reception not as good as it used to be.

So if you want to know how you can ensure your phone has the best possible chance of survival, then follow these steps:

  1. After a phone has been wet, immediately take the battery out if you can (sorry iPhone users). If the phone is still submerged in the water, then take the battery out while the phone is in the water. This helps prevent electrical overloads to certain high powered areas of the phones main-board as the water acts as a conductor and not the phones components.
  2. Switch your phone off ASAP if you cant take the battery out.
  3. If the phone has been completely submerged in salt water then rinse it very well in fresh water. Salt water corrodes faster than anything else we have seen. This will help slow down the corrosion.
  4. Do NOT try to charge the phone. This is the number one killer in a wet phone. A charger will supply approximately 5-6 volts and 1amp in power and this power going into the wrong areas via a wet main-board will damage many sensitive components.
  5. Do not try to dry it. Seal the phone in a ZIP lock bag and take into a store. Corrosion can  only start when there is oxygen so minimize contact to outside air.

So what do we do with a water damaged phone? Firstly we will chemically remove all the water using special water dispersants. We will then heat the phones main board to approximately 300 degrees. This insures that any water that has soaked into the main-board and under components will be evaporated out. We will then visually inspect for corrosion and damaged components and repair/replace them. The final step is to apply a corrosion inhibitor as a safe guard to main-board.

Once the phone has been repaired, all functions will be tested and then returned to the customer.

Here is a what a phones main-board looks like after been dried using rice after one week: 

We Now Price Match!!!

The Mobile Phone Hospital will now price match a competitors price. Not only will you get professional repairs and service, but you also get the best possible value. For us to price match the following terms and conditions apply:

1. In order for us to match the price of any mobile phone repairer (‘Competitor’), the customer needs to show us a current advertisement, or formal quotation with a valid contact telephone number so we can confirm the price is current and valid.

2. Competitor must offer same day service ‘on the spot’ repairs – repair time cannot exceed 3 business hours.

3. Competitor must have retail store outlets and be open for public trading seven (7) days per week.

4. The parts used must be of equal quality.

5. Competitor must provide a minimum 3 month warranty on the repair.

Price Matching is available at participating stores.

Miranda Now Open!

Our Miranda store is now open in Westfield Miranda. We are opposite Target on Level 3. Come and visit Vedat or Kemal and get your phone fixed while you shop.

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